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Book Peek - November 15, 2012 - Contents

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Contents of Book Peek - November 15, 2012

1)      ‘Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates in his own words’ - Edited by Lisa Rogak (Harper)
2)      ‘Swaraj’ by Arvind Kejriwal (Harper)
3)      ‘Muslims in Indian Cities: Trajectories of marginalisation’ - Edited by Laurent Gayer & Christophe Jaffrelot (Harper)
4)      ‘My Decade in the Premier League’ by Wayne Rooney (Harper)

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Rajesh Setty, Author, 'Upbeat', US (  

Short snatches
1)      ‘The Thinking Life: How to thrive in the age of distraction’ by P. M. Forni (Pan Macmillan)
2)      ‘Media, Communication and Development: Three approaches’ by Linje Manyozo – Sage
3)      ‘The world of Fatwas or the Shariah in action’ by Arun Shourie – Harper
4)      ‘The Rich Investor: How to avoid common investing mistakes and build wealth’ by Arjun Parthasarathy – Vision
5)      ‘But Ira Said’ by Shreya Mathur – Harper
6)      ‘Tso and La: A journey in Ladakh’ by Vikramajit Ram – Harper
7)      ‘Pantheon’ by Sam Bourne - Harper

Plus: Readers’ Reads, and nuggets from forthcoming book, ‘The Wisdom of Ants: A Short History of Economics’ by Shankar Jaganathan.

Book Peek - November 15, 2012 - Contents

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