Sunday, September 23, 2012

‘Winning at Innovation: The A-to-F Model’ by Fernando Trísas de Bes and Philip Kotler

“Browsers are people whose mission it is to gather information that assists, enlightens, inspires and resolves whether a new idea should continue further in the innovation process.’
“Traditionally, the search for information related to the field of business innovation has been associated with market research. Two instruments have caught the attention of specialists in innovation.’
“First, there will be browsing for descriptive information that quantifies the size and growth of markets and the different categories where the company intends to look for opportunities. Second, there will be exploratory research, using qualitative techniques to identify unresolved consumer needs and possible sources of innovation. In the case of technology-based innovation, information search has focused on in-depth study of the various patents and technological advances that might be included in the product or services marketed by a company.’
“In innovation processes, information searching is carried out in the early stages, generally as the stage that takes place immediately before the creation of specific ideas. In some cases, the information search is performed even before the objectives of an innovation are defined.’
“From our point of view, the role of the browsers must go further. First of all, information browsers should focus their efforts not only on the early stages of the innovation process, but must remain active and provide information to innovation teams throughout the whole process.”
(p. 35, ‘Winning at Innovation: The A-to-F Model’ by Fernando Trísas de Bes and Philip Kotler - Pan Macmillan)

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