Sunday, September 2, 2012

‘Romance on Facebook’ by Amrita Priya

Profile photos

"Geeti's pictures in her profile clearly showed that she was still as enthusiastic about festivals and her excitement had proven contagious.'

"Sid was never particularly enthusiastic about taking family photographs, but this time in Edison, he showed keen interest in the pictures Anu was clicking away, in order to share them later, with Geeti. Once back form his trip, he updated his profile Photos. Then he sent a message saying, 'Did you see the Durga Puja pictures that I have uploaded?''

"Geeti dreaded going through his albums, it was painful for her to see Sid in the role of a family man who had a world of his own. His arms flung around Anu, the way Anu stood clinging to him in most photographs…all this troubled her deep within. She thought to herself, why do they have to display such affection in public places and then upload it for others to see. She realised she was overreacting. But her mind would not stop… Why the hell does he want to share all this with me?! He is so devoid of feelings. On one hand, he chats with me behind his wife's back, and on the other hand, he leads a normal family life and sends me pictures of his marital bliss. She was baffled.'

"Sid looked very good in the pictures, mostly because after a long time he had genuinely felt like smiling, grinning and posing. And Anu, on her part, had made sure that he had stood close to her and held her tight. She had wanted to project the image of a happy couple to her own friends spread across the world, all keeping a tab on each other's lives through Facebook.'

"Geeti didn't know that although the pictures may have captured a few wonderful moments of Sid's recent vacation, it was she, and not his wife, who occupied his mind all the time."

(pp. 132-3, 'Romance on Facebook' by Amrita Priya - Landmark)

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