Sunday, September 16, 2012

‘Don’t Hire the Best: An essential guide to picking the right team’ by Abhijit Bhaduri

Left to chance

"There are CEOs who swear that they hire based on their gut reaction. Then there are companies that have detailed interviews that run into twenty to thirty rounds before they hire someone. There are companies like Google whose hiring method has spawned thousands of posts on the net and several books because Google receives a million job applications a year and hires only one of every 130 people interviewed.'

"Hiring is complex. We may hire the wrong person and worse still we may actually reject the right candidate. Twelve publishers are said to have rejected J. K. Rowling's manuscript of Harry Potter that went on to sell 400 million copies and made Rowling richer than the Queen of England. This is a perfect example of rejecting the right candidate!'

"I am sure you have your share of stories about unusual questions that were asked in an interview or about an answer that stumped the interview panel. There is a certain mystique about the hiring process especially since most people who make hiring decisions have never been trained in interviewing skills. So everyone follows his own recipe. The result is that the outcome is entirely left to chance."

(p. 33, 'Don't Hire the Best: An essential guide to picking the right team' by Abhijit Bhaduri – Harper)

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