Sunday, September 16, 2012

‘Daddy’s Logic: Live a life of no limits, no excuses, no regrets’ by Anthony A. Rose

Find your passion

"Lisa Ryan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Heyman Associates based in New York, underscores how big a deal 'finding your passion' is for career success, and how important it is for prospective employers when they look for top talent.'

"I have known Lisa for several years and she is my gold standard for Executive Search and counsel. I can always trust Lisa to call it like it is. No nonsense, just 100 percent objective advice.'

"'I absolutely believe that people need to find their passion. It doesn't come automatically for most. I think it's something you develop over time. Passion comes through and that's what our clients look for. If you enjoy what you're doing, it shows. It's contagious,' said Lisa.''

"Lisa added, 'People want to work for that kind of person. I can sense it almost automatically with potential candidates. Often, I flat out ask them, 'What is your passion?' Many people are taken aback, but I just sit back and let them think about it. When they think about it, they can articulate what it is and how they've worked towards it. Most people think you just want to talk about skills, but it's so much more than that. It's all about the intangibles that are more important. Of course, you need the skills, but at some point you know you can do the job; it's more about 'Is this where I want to be?' It is about passion and chemistry.' Lisa also shared with me that finding one's passion does not happen overnight for many people.'

"Commented Lisa, 'Personally, I didn't know what my passion was, but I had a father who instilled in my sister and me the belief that we could do anything. He always said, 'Try it, you may hate it, but at least you tried it.' He also believed women could be in senior-level positions.'"

(pp. 24-5, 'Daddy's Logic: Live a life of no limits, no excuses, no regrets' by Anthony A. Rose – TMH)

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