Sunday, September 9, 2012

‘3 Lives in Search of Bliss’ by Srini Chandra


"Time flies. But memories linger. They loiter about listlessly as faithful servants of the mind, eager to spring forth at the faintest acknowledgement of their existence. Memories are poignant and helpless reminders that lurk in the weeds of our thoughts, swelling to all powerful proportions when evoked.'

"It is said that the burden of old age lies not in our physical frailties, but in our memories which come to chastise us for not having seized the moment when we had the chance.'

"Memories are silken threads, weaving one moment to the next, on life's tapestry. They feed our imagination and liberate us. Yet they bind us to an irretrievable past. The measure of our lives lies indeed not just in what we have chosen to remember and celebrate but also in what we have chosen to forget."

(pp. 51-2, '3 Lives in Search of Bliss' by Srini Chandra)

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