Monday, August 6, 2012

‘Toke’ by Jugal Mody

Evil stewardesses and flying Japanese legs
“Chiaki and Yatsuha look at each other, smile and pull out two batons, which open up like long rods, and pounce over seats like cats, whacking stewardess-heads aside with all that they have, but not touching a single unfazed passenger-head. Billie Joe tries to burrow under his seat.’
“Our two ultrafunctional fighters flap open the overhead cabinets and cling onto them. The moment any stewardess tries to get up, feet and batons fly. Its like the girls have octopus feet, flapping around, turning this into some sorta video game level. The rest of us cross through the dungeon of evil stewardesses and flying Japanese legs, dodging them while they try to dodge our heads.’
“Once we cross the stewardesses, the girls jump right behind us as we run towards the cockpit.’
“The door behind us opens and the co-pilot grabs Suparna and me by our collars, yanking us head-first into the cockpit. This seems to be straight out of an action movie, in 3D, as I watch two metal sticks fly by my ears. I close my eyes, but I hear a crushing sound. When I open my eyes, one stick has struck right between the co-pilot’s legs from between Suparna and me. The other smashed into his face. He drops Suparna and me to the floor.”
(p. 93, ‘Toke’ by Jugal Mody - Harper)

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