Sunday, August 5, 2012

‘The Greater Goal: Connecting people and performance’ by Ken Jennings and Heather Hyde

"'The cliques are breaking down. For years, I've noticed how employees eat together and stick together in their cliques, their clans, and their clubs. But something else is happening now. Our employees are mixing across the clans and the clubs, and the noise level in the lunchroom is higher than ever. So like any good HR type, I decided to investigate. Every day at lunch, I moved my tray around and listened in on the conversations.''
"'What did you learn?' Alex asked, his curiosity growing.'
"'People are talking about opportunities – opportunities to do good things in the company that can happen only with fuller cooperation from other clans and teams. So they are reaching out to both get and give help. We are becoming a community.' Matt leaned forward and interlaced his fingers in front of him to demonstrate. 'We are weaving together in a good way. You know, Alex, as your HR guy, I've been all about defining our competencies and building our culture.''
"'That's good,'Alex encouraged, sensing that his friend was in a confessional mood.'
"'Good, you bet. But I was missing the key right in front of me. Genuine community connects competency and culture.' He drew it on Alex's office whiteboard.
Competency ß Community à Culture'
"'Community, catalysed by the shared goal achievement discussions we're having, is actually putting individual competencies to work. And the work itself that's happening across functions, the giving and getting of help, is literally building the high-performance culture we have been hoping to create.'"
(pp. 85-86, 'The Greater Goal: Connecting people and performance' by Ken Jennings and Heather Hyde - Harper) 

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