Sunday, August 12, 2012

‘The Buddha and the Terrorist’ by Satish Kumar

How can terror bring freedom?

"'Stop, monk, stop,' he shouted. 'Don't leave me behind.''

"'I have stopped, Angulimala,' the Buddha replied. 'I stopped ages ago, but have you? And will you?''

"'While you are walking faster than me, you say you have stopped. What do you mean? How have you stopped when you are still moving?''

"'I stopped a long time ago,' Buddha said. 'It is you who have not stopped. I stopped trampling over other people, I stopped desiring to control and dominate people, but you think freedom lies in killing and overpowering others. True stopping is to stop interfering in other people's lives for your own ends. You are rebelling against the oppression of others, but you yourself are oppressive – you are frightening and terrorising towns and villages. How can terror bring freedom?'"

(p. 34, 'The Buddha and the Terrorist' by Satish Kumar - Wisdom Tree)

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