Wednesday, August 1, 2012

‘Management Consulting in India’ – Ed: U. K. Srivastava and Pramila Srivastava

A designer brand
"A local designer at Ahmedabad wanted to create a local brand limited to Ahmedabad initially, and then graduate to a state brand and then to a national brand. The designer had limited funds and wanted us to guide the campaign. We approached hoarding owners who reluctantly agreed to a barter of garments for hoarding space. The campaign leveraged public relations (a few paid articles and interviews were published in leading newspapers and magazines) and hoardings at key, high-traffic junctions in Ahmedabad. Innovative communication tools, viz., bookmarks (made with a touch of class), carried our advertising message to a discerning audience.'
"The entire campaign was thematic and centred visually on the colour red. The campaign was shot using a local model who later went on to become Mrs India. The campaign created a very good equity for the designer and thereon sales have shown impressive growth. Our assignment ended after two quarters and brand custodianship passed into other hands. The new custodians didn't care much for continuity in positioning, visual or ideational coherence, or creative quality, and the brand headed south to death in a couple of years. Killed by the custodian as they say."
(p. 143, 'Management Consulting in India' – Ed: U. K. Srivastava and Pramila Srivastava - Sage)

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