Thursday, August 23, 2012

‘Lead to Win’ by Harshit Bhavsar

Leadership communication coaching
“Great communicators are made and not necessarily born that way. Communication improves with conscious and continuous practice. Many a time it is wrongly assumed that leaders, who are great communicators, were born with the natural talent of oration since childhood. On the contrary, Ronald Reagan was trained by some of the best acting coaches in the world and consistently worked on his timing and delivery. Clinton, who had closely studied the speeches and communication styles of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, worked intensely on his communication skills undergoing both neuro-linguistic programming and body language training. The results of this leadership communication coaching are evident to all and were key factors in Clinton’s ability to maintain his popularity throughout the various storms he encountered during his presidency. Like Reagan and Clinton, Obama is reputed to have worked hard on improving his public speaking abilities. You only need to see some earlier film footage of Obama speaking, to trace the significant improvement in his performance.”
(p. 121, ‘Lead to Win’ by Harshit Bhavsar – Universal Hunt)

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