Sunday, August 26, 2012

‘Just Married, Please Excuse’

"I had a bad feeling that Vijay would end up getting the new job. He
had always been very different from the regular
hardcore-corporate-types, and had a passion for do-gooding that
somehow struck me as highly suitable for a slightly
off-the-beaten-track initiative such as the rural project.'
"But every fibre of my being was resistant to the idea of leaving
Bangalore. I sat alone moodily on the chair in the balcony that
evening, looking out to the view I loved – including even that
unsightly yellow eyesore of a building that I decided had actually
been growing on me of late. I didn't want to move to unknown bustling
"I reflected upon how Bangalore had been a great place to be a young,
slightly asinine couple getting to know each other. Although we had
plenty of impetuous weekend trips out of the city, we had also, over
the last year, enjoyed pottering about the various parks, pubs, malls
and busy streets of Bangalore. On the rare occasions that we were not
slaving away at our desks, we could be found eating bhutta, chaat, and
other street food, idly exploiting second-hand book stores – or
watching the Govinda movies that Vijay would drag me to kicking and
(p. 101, 'Just Married, Please Excuse' by Yashodhara Lal – Harper)

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