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Monday, August 6, 2012

‘Incognito’ by Lata Gwalani

Mountain air
“The special thing about the mountain air is that your appetite takes on huge proportions. You can eat like a pig and still not feel stuffed. Post-brunch, I would stroll back to the house and lounge in the garden chair. The chill in the air and the warm sun rays were a delectable combination, too hard to resist.’
“An hour or so later, when my eye lids became heavy and my vision blurred, I would go up to my room, snuggle under the quilt, for a dreamless siesta that had no fixed waking up time. That’s another thing about the mountain air; you can sleep, sleep and still sleep more.’
“Early evening, I would once again come down to the garden, and lazily sip the tea that Gopi reverently placed in front of me. This was some sort of an unspoken agreement; a ritual that Gopi hadn’t broken in the last seven days.’
“At sunset, I would stroll over to Char Dukan to pack a light dinner; some nights just fruit, some others a sandwich or something.’
“An early dinner and early to bed would bring down the curtain on a day well spent; doing nothing.’
“Doing nothing? Actually, that’s not true. I believe a writer’s mind works overtime. We can sit still in one place for hours on end and conjure up an entire paperback – cover to cover.’
“That’s exactly what was happening in my mind. Given an ambience such as the one I was in, where not only do I sit still, but the world around me appears so still, I cannot but weave the fabric of my imagination into a tapestry that has passion clinging to its every fibre.”
(pp. 134-5, ‘Incognito’ by Lata Gwalani - Frog Books)

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