Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FellowConnect June 2012 - Ashoka

Empower farmers 
"Nutmeg is one of those spices that very few Indians know. But if you go to Malaysia, they make pain balm, chocolate, squash, candy and a range of products that we have never dreamt here in India.'
"Buderim, an Australian city doesn't have lot of ginger production. But, they are world leaders in Ginger value addition. You will be surprised to learn that such a range of value added products is possible from a hot spice!'
"Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and even our small island neighbour are far ahead in value addition of their fruits and crops. Take for example coconut and jackfruit – both crops that we grow in abundance. Despite this, India is still far behind in the value addition map."
(Shree Krishna Padre in 'Value Addition – Knowledge to empower farmers', Ashoka – FellowConnect June 2012)

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