Thursday, August 30, 2012

‘China Fast Forward: The technologies, green industries and innovations driving the mainland's future’ by Bill Dodson

Mahindra Satyam
"Michael Su met me at the entrance of Mahindra Satyam's headquarters. Su was Marketing Manager for Mahindra Satyam's China operations. An affable Singaporean, dressed in a white button-down shirt and tie and black slacks, he quickly guided me the few steps to the firm's main conference room. Minutes later Su returned with his boss, Sushil Asar, head of the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing division for Greater China. Asar personally delivered presentations about their global practice and the China-based development plans. These talks were followed by a presentation given by a Mainland Chinese engineering manager on Mahindra Satyam's projects in offshore development centres (ODC).'
"Mahindra Satyam impressed me greatly as a truly international company. I did not get the feeling during my half-day orientation that it was an Indian company per se. Something I appreciated about Mahindra Satyam's approach to meeting customer requirements was that the country desk drew relevant experience from its Asian operations. Asar gave me the example of an automotive customer in Japan: Mahindra Satyam used industry specialists from Indian and Japan to develop the business requirements and Japanese-proficient project managers and programmers in the Chinese city of Dalian to implement the project.'
"Mahindra Satyam was well aware of the rising labour costs and high turnover rates of staff in the Shanghai area. So, it had invested hugely in a campus in the Nanjing High and New Technology Development Area. The site was 70,000 square metres and would ultimately support a labour force of 2,500 professionals. It would be the largest Mahindra Satyam campus of its size outside of India. Private Chinese services outsourcing companies, though, travelled a different path in expanding their operations."
(p. 52, 'China Fast Forward: The technologies, green industries and innovations driving the mainland's future' by Bill Dodson – Wiley)

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