Sunday, July 15, 2012

‘Cracking IT Campus Interviews’ by Deepa Jain

Handling conflicts
"Interviewer: How would you handle a conflict in a team: Suppose you want to do something in one way and your team-mate wants to do it in an entirely different style?'
"Soumya: I will discuss all the styles with the team along with the positive and negative sides. Then we can go for the best approach and sometimes even make the chosen approach better by incorporating some ideas from the other approaches.'
"Interviewer: How can you be so sure of handling it like this: Do you have any experience?'
"Soumya: Yes, sir, I faced a somewhat similar situation. Three of us were participating in a treasure hunt competition in the Tech Fest, and all three of us interpreted the clues very differently and felt that our individual interpretation was right. It was a sure-shot formula for losing. But I could mediate it like this and because our approach was very logical, we finally won.'
"Interviewer: They were friends but it might not work out in an office environment where people don't want to listen to you.'
"Soumya: In that situation, we will need to involve the manager in the discussion to arrive at a decision.'
"Interviewer: If you are sure that your viewpoint is the best one, would you not want to speak to the manager directly and try to convince him that your approach is the best way to go?'
"Soumya: I think we should not do that; involving everyone should be the right way.'
"Interviewer: Well said, Soumya! That was the last question I had to ask you today. Let me know if you have got any questions for me.'
"Soumya: Yes, sir, can you please tell me about computer-related areas that I should prepare for before joining?'
"Interviewer: That's a very good question, Soumya. It would become easy for you if you could get a basic understanding of Java and databases. I presume you are not familiar with these technologies as they are not mentioned in your CV.'
"Soumya: Yes, sir, I am not familiar with them but I will start learning now.'
"Interviewer: Bye, Soumya.'
"Soumya: Thanks, sir. Bye."
(pp. 153-4, 'Cracking IT Campus Interviews' by Deepa Jain - TMH)

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