Monday, March 8, 2010

Commercial encroachment

"Today our country is at the top in the world as far as number of shops in a given are concerned. There is one shop per 4-5 families in India, whereas in European countries or even in Singapore (called shoppers' paradise) it is one per 20-25 families. Thanks to district development authorities for achieving this record. Once a shop is opened an area double the size of the shop is grabbed outside the shop by putting articles and display boards. Beyond this the remaining space is utilised for parking the vehicles of customers. If it is a shop for eatables, may it be of modern fast food or old-fashioned samosa-kachoriwala, I am sure you do not require any description."
"Except in some major cities, virtually there is no control of development authorities over the above. It is very easy to start commercial activity in residential areas or to make an unauthorised encroachment on roads without permission. There is no one to observe and object to it. If at all there is someone, he is easily 'manageable.'"
(Dr Sanjay Kulshrestha in 'Tsunami on Roads: Wake up India!' p. 117 Conscious Citizens)

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