Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Social media

"The customer is the writer: History has taught business owners a lesson on the importance of blogging. It is no secret that Barack Obama won his presidential election on the power of his blog, among other Internet tools. The influential command that these have over audiences is only growing with every passing day. Businesses that offer storefronts and static pages full of corporate and sales gibberish will be sunk – by none other than the consumer herself."

"Buddy, I'm sick of you: Here's a contradictory take on the digital scene. Social networks are over-saturated. New sites have appeared – and vanished. One reason could be user fatigue. People are getting tired of being repeatedly asked, 'What's up?' Conversations are hardly meaningful on social sites and after a point, get mechanical too. No wonder user numbers on some networks have stagnated."

('Honey, I Shrunk the World: The essential global digital media handbook,' p. 323 Om)

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