Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shempa Logic - ‘Buddha: 9 to 5’

"As intelligent, capable, accomplished leaders, why do we get so stuck? How do we create our own misery? We usually design our own roadblocks to happiness and success through attachment to an identity, such as the title or position we hold, or to our attachment to a specific outcome. In Buddhism, this attachment is referred to as 'Shempa.'"

"When we experience Shempa, we generally will tighten around a thought or concept and eventually we are hooked to that idea. We are stuck. The attachment paralyses us from seeing issues in any context that is different from our own view of the situation at hand. We are unable to act from a perspective that is open to the creativity of a new approach. As we continue to push the envelope and fixate on the outcome, we are actually building momentum toward attachment. This very inflexible mind is referred to as 'Shempa Logic.'"

(Nancy Spears in 'Buddha: 9 to 5,' p. 73 Viva)

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