Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Paris Vendetta

"Ashby loved the chase."

"He was always amused by books and movies that depicted treasure hunters as swashbucklers. In reality, most of the time was spent poring through old writings, whether they be books, wills, correspondence, personal notes, private diaries, or public records. Bits and pieces, here and there. Never some singular piece of proof that solved the puzzle in one quick swoop. Clues were generally either barely existent or undecipherable, and there were far more disappointments than successes."

"This chase was a perfect example."

"Yet they may actually be on to something this time."

"hard to say for sure until they examined The Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751 A.D., which should be waiting for them a few metres ahead."

"Eliza Larocque had advised him that today would be a perfect opportunity to sneak into this part of the museum. No construction crews should be on the job. Likewise, the Invalides staff would be anxious to be done with the day and go home for Christmas. Tomorrow was one of the few days the museum was closed."

"Mr. Guildhall led the way through the cluttered gallery."

"The tepid air smelled of paint and turpentine, further evidence of the obvious ongoing renovations."

(Steve Berry in 'The Paris Vendetta,' p. 196 Hachette)

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