Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Co-creation on steroids – ‘Leadershift’

"My guess is that we have all experienced what Harvard Law School Professor Yochai Benkler describes when he talks about the mobile phone having abolished the need to plan. As soon as you got your first mobile phone you started to say things like 'I tell you what, how about I call you when I'm done here and then we can see what we'll do.' Prior to mobile communication you would have had to make a plan and aim to stick to it. 'I tell you what, I will meet you tonight at the station by the newspaper stand at half past six when I come out of the office' would have been the exchange you had in the morning prior to setting off for work. If a deadline had emerged, the plan would have evaporated and with it the goodwill of the person you were supposed to meet and had not been able to contact. This kind of flexibility in business is priceless. This lack of 'need to plan' also means that you need less managerial time to coordinate. The requirements for a leader to complete the coordination task start to look a bit shaky. The talent, managerial and structure costs suddenly disappear almost as fast as the opportunities appear."

"Today's technology is putting the world of co-creation on steroids. What has become known as 'distributed co-creation' – the bringing together of talent from numerous sources outside the organisational boundaries – is only in its infancy but growing at an exponential rate."

(Emmanuel Gobillot in 'Leadershift,' p. 35 Viva)

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