Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dog vs horse

"Italy is the birth place of the word 'manage.' It has been derived from the word 'maneggiare,' which means to control a horse. It is common knowledge that training a horse is very difficult. Training a dog is very different from training a horse. A dog can be trained by anyone in the house; but not so with getting a horse under control. The trainer will himself have to be trained to do that. That we use this term to indicate administration or management goes to prove how difficult management per se is."
"The area of management is as vast as an ocean. Much can be written and talked about management in general. Depending on the office environment and the persons working in a certain organisation, definitions of management methods will also change."
"The intrinsic quality of leadership is a vital part of the management process. A leader has the responsibility to properly guide those who work for him/ her, make action-heroes of them and increase the prestige and profit potential of that organisation."
(G. V. Rao in 'Successful Management Techniques,' p. 119 Rowsons)

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