Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"There is nothing worse than boring social science. Postmodernism reverses this trend in that it encourages playfulness in the service of inquiry... Playfulness within scholarly inquiry is a sort of playfulness of the mind that allows one to think of a subject in all sorts of strange ways. Put differently, playfulness can help us to make the familiar 'strange'. Postmodernist writing in management and organisation studies can be playful, eclectic and, to some extent, exhilarating (Kuspit, 1990).... Playfulness is an active project, one that seeks not only to gather insights into the world, but also to change it for the better by interrogating and disrupting modernist logic."
(Mihaela Kelemen and Nick Rumens in 'An Introduction to Critical management Research' p. 65, Sage)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Be open and allow confrontation

"If a team is to be effective then the members of it need to be able to state their views, their differences of opinion, interests and problems, without fear of ridicule or retaliation. No teams work effectively if there is a cut-throat atmosphere, where members become less willing or able to express themselves openly - much energy, effort and creativity is lost."
(John S. Oakland in 'Total Organizational Excellence,' p. 168, Elsevier)